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IEEE young professional members interviewed on their value of IEEE membership services, benefits and opportunities.

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The Reliability Society is a technical Society within the IEEE, the world’s leading association for the advancement of technology.  We are a volunteer group of professionals engaged in assuring reliability in the engineering disciplines of hardware, software, and human factors.  The RS is focused on the broad aspects of reliability, allowing us to be seen as the IEEE Specialty Engineering organization.  We are concerned with attaining and sustaining these design attributes throughout the total life cycle.  We have the management, resources, and administrative and technical structures to develop and to provide technical information via publications, training, conferences, and technical library (IEEE Xplore) data to both our members and to the Specialty Engineering community.  The Reliability Society has 24 chapters and members in 60 countries worldwide.

In its role of providing reliability aspects of Specialty Engineering resources, the RS disciplines span all design engineering fields, providing knowledge and expertise to incorporate reliability-specific attributes into the design of systems / products / devices / processes.  We want to assure that a system will perform its intended function for the required duration within a given environment, including the ability to test and support it throughout its total life cycle.  This is accomplished concurrently with other design disciplines by contributing to the planning and the selection of the system architecture, HW & SW design implementation, materials, processes, and components; followed by verifying the selections made by thorough analysis and test and then sustainment.

Please visit our web site often. It is is the gateway to the many resources that the RS makes available to its members and others interested in the broad aspects of Reliability and Specialty Engineering.   Now that you've joined us at our web site, consider joining the society and help us foster the advancement!

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News & Announcements

  • Visit the Reliability Society’s failure database site. This database is a website built for you to enter failure events from your own experience or research, browse documented failures, and find inspiration for your reliability-centered research. More information on the Failure Database can be found in Reliability magazine. And don’t forget to participate in the Failure Database entry contest! Beginning at midnight April 1, 2024 EST and ending at midnight April 30 EST, the submitter of the 1st, 10th, 50th, 100th and last valid entries (based on the timestamp) each will win a $50 Amazon gift card. More information on the Failure Database and the contest can be found in Reliability Magazine.
  • Reliability Magazine is here! Don’t forget to read the inaugural issue of Reliability here View the Current Issue. You will need to log in as an IEEE member to access full content. This interesting and informative, quarterly magazine is free to all IEEE Reliability Society members! Submissions of articles, reviews and other appropriate content are welcome. Please query the Editor-in-Chief, Phil Laplante for more information.
  • IEEE Reliability Society 2023 Major Awards
    • Reliability Engineer of the Year Award 
      • Prof. Doron Druinsky “for contributions to the reliability and dependability of mission-critical systems by innovating the lightweight formal verification method and developing related assurance tools for NASA and the DoD”.
    • Richard Kowalski Outstanding Service Award
      • Dr. Robert J. Loomis “for services including Webmaster, Vice-President of Publications, Treasurer, and other positions throughout the years of 1997-2024”.
      • Ms. Loretta Arellano “for services including President, Chapters Coordinator, Secretary (twice), Vice-President of Technical Operations, Vice-President of Membership, and other positions throughout the years of 1984-2024”.
    • Lifetime Achievement Award
      • Dr. Ram Sriram “for contributions to and leadership in standards, measurements, and techniques for developing reliable and trustworthy software”.
      • Prof. Ming Zuo “for contributions to reliability analysis, prognosis, and health management of engineering systems”.
    • Reliability Society Education Award
      • Prof. Wenhua Chen “For distinguished leadership and contributions to the reliability engineering for academia and professionals”
  • IEEE Reliability Society AdCom Call for Applications for the 2025/2026/2027 Term, click [HERE] for more information
  • A Beta version of a new Reliability Analytics Toolkit is available for inspection. Try it!
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