Administrative Committee (AdCom) Members

Officers (ExCom)

President Carole Graas
Sr. Past President Christian Hansen
Jr. Past President Jeffrey Voas
Vice Presidents
Technical Activities Shiuhpyng Shieh
Publications Steven Li
Meetings and Conferences Jason Rupe
Membership Jie (Peter) Liu
Secretary Pradeep Lall
Treasurer Alfred Stevens
Chapter Chairpersons See chapter list

Note: Members are not permitted to hold the same Vice President position for more than three consecutive years.

A history of RS Officers 1949 - 2018


Elected Members-at-Large (with vote)

(DEC 31)
(DEC 31)
(DEC 31)

*Appointed Positions

The RS is seeking candidates for the 2020/21/22 AdCom. For information and how to apply click HERE


Standing Committees and Activities/Initiatives

Web Master Lon Chase
Standards Lou Gullo
Chapters Coordinator Loretta Arellano
Professional Development Steven Li
Constitution and Bylaws Christian Hansen
Fellows Phil Laplante
Finance Alfred Stevens
Academic Education/Scholarship Steven Li/Lance Fiondella
Meetings Organization Jason Rupe
Membership Development Evelyn Hirt
Historian Open
Transactions Editor Eric Wong
Newsletter Editor Lon Chase
Resource Center Steven Li
Nominations and Awards

Christian Hansen

Life Science Initiative Open
Transportation Electification Pradeep Lall
IEEE Press Liaison Jeff Voas


IEEE Government Relations Committees

Energy Policy Jeff Voas
Communications Policy Jason Rupe
Transportation and Aerospace Policy

Lon Chase

Medical Technology Policy Jeff Voas
Critical Infrastructure Protection Phil Laplante
Career and Workforce Policy Open
Intellectual Property Committee Carole Graas(corresponding only)
Research and Development Committee Pradeep Lall
Combined TAB Ad Hoc Committee on Attracting Industrial Members Jeff Voas
2013 TAB Awards and Recognition Committee (TABARC) Christian Hansen