AdCom Candidate Information

IEEE Reliability Society AdCom Candidates Sought

The IEEE Reliability Society is seeking candidates for serving on its Administrative Committee (AdCom) for three-year terms. A Call for Nominations will be announced sometime in the spring, and information on how to submit a nomination will be posted on this website and in the RS newsletter. For more information, please contact Jeffrey Voas, Junior-Past President, at by no later than 1 August.  See upcoming announcements for more information on applying.

The AdCom manages the operations of the Reliability Society. Candidates need to be a member of the IEEE Reliability Society and should have both technical and managerial experience. Serving on the AdCom requires attending periodic AdCom meetings (max of quarterly) and participating in one or more of the following areas of Reliability Society committee activities: Technical Activities (TA), Meetings and Conferences, Membership, and Publications and/or supporting other areas and activities such as Chapters and Education. Ad hoc committee membership is also encouraged of ADCOM members. More about these areas of activity can be found within the Reliability Society’s Constitution, By Laws, and Operational Manual on our Society web site at About RS

Election of Members to the Society Administrative Committee for a Three-Year Term 1 January 2021- 31 December 2023

This is the 27th year that the Society has chosen to take the ballot to the general membership and we look forward to your response.

Eight (8) candidates’ information are enclosed. Please review the eight candidates and elect six IEEE Reliability Society members to serve on the Society’s Administrative Committee for a three-year term: 1 January 2021 - 31 December 2023.

This year’s election continues to offer an electronic balloting option. If you would like to cast your ballot electronically you will need your IEEE Account username/password. If you do not remember your account information, you may retrieve it on the voter login page.

It's your choice - send in the paper ballot by mail using the envelope provided OR cast your ballot electronically by using the URL below to access the ballot through the Internet and cast your vote now. The voting starts on September 30, 2020.

Please vote for UP TO SIX candidates. Ballot cards or electronic ballots must be received at IEEE no later than 11 November 2020. Any returns received after this date will not be counted. The online voting site will close at 4:00 pm Eastern Time USA.

If you have any questions please contact or +1 732 562 3904.