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Reliability Society Distinguished Lecturer Program

All IEEE Reliability Society (RS) Chapters and IEEE Sections are encouraged to take advantage of the RS Distinguished Lecturer (DL) program for speakers for their regular or special meetings. We have selected an outstanding list of speakers who are experts in their fields. The Society and host organization together share reasonable speaker’s expenses for economy‐class travel with the ability to reserve seating, lodging and meals. Reimbursement for the Speaker’s expenses involving travel by the Society is limited to up to half of total expenses but no more than $750. The inviting (host) organization is expected to match 50% of the Speaker’s expenses covered by RS and are responsible for anything above the combined RS (maximum $750) match of the host organization original request of the Society.

RS Speaker list is below and in the menu link. If you would like to add a speaker to the list, contact the DL coordinator, to determine if speaker can be added.

Funding request form is below. Please verify Speaker’s availability and approvals, before committing to the presentation. Number of DL programs funded per year is limited and subject to denial for the calendar year when funds have been committed. For more information, contact DL coordinator,


Reliability Society Tutorial Videos

In the past decade the IEEE Reliability Society has produced numerous tutorials in a number of areas of interest to RS members. The videos are co-produced by the IEEE Educational Activities Board and the IEEE Reliability Society. The videos are professionally done, utilizing experts in their fields. For for a fraction of the cost of sending a single person to training, you can own a DVD or CD ROM which will provide state-of-the-art information to your entire workforce. If you wish additional information on purchasing any of the videos or CD ROMs, please contact the RS Video Tutorials Coordinator, Steven Li.

IEEE Reliability Society - DVD and CD ROM Inventory

Updated July 2011

TitleMediaCurrently Available?Price
Designing Systems for Reliable Human Performance DVD Yes $99
Concurrent Engineering Perspectives: Concepts to Success CD ROM w/ Windows Media Video (2) Yes $99
Developing Software for Safety Critical Systems DVD Yes $99
Accelerated Stress Testing CD ROM - HTML Slideshow/Video Yes $99
Software Testing DVD Yes $99
Developing Fault Tolerant Software CD ROM (3) Yes $99
Oxide Wearout, Breakdown and Reliability DVD Yes $99
MEMS - Performance & Reliability DVD Yes $99