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Reliability Engineers Recognized at the Annual Reliability Society Banquet

Each year the Reliability Society accepts nominations for two prestigious awards, the Reliability Lifetime Achievement Award and the Reliability Engineer of the Year Award.  Awards were presented to three recipients in January at the Reliability Society Banquet held in conjunction with the 2010 RAMS in San Jose, CA.

Dr. Henry Schafft (above) is the recipient of the 2010 Reliability Society Lifetime Achievement Award.  He is recognized for his contributions to the development and refinement of measurements, methods, and standards critical to the reliability assessment of semiconductor devices, as well as a long career with National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Two recipients were selected for the 2010 Engineer of the Year Award. Dr. Hoang Pham (above left), professor at Rutgers University, is recognized for his accomplishments in developing analytical techniques for modeling the reliability of software and systems. Mr. Nat Ozarin (below), a senior reliability engineer of the Omnicon Group is recognized for his contributions to the development of innovative and practical techniques and tools for reliability engineering and contributions reliability education.