IEEE Reliability Society Newsletter     Vol. 56, No. 2. May 2010

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AdCom Elections: Call for Nominations

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Feature Article:
Security and Fault Tolerance-
a Cmap

Chapter Activities:
Dallas Chapter

Joint Boston, New Hampshire, Providence Chapter

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Cleveland Chapter

Technical Activities:
Annual Technology Report

Prognostic Health Management Conference -
Announcement and Call for Papers

IEEE SmartGrid Conference
Call for Papers

Green Technology Reliability Seminar

Safety & Reliability Workshop

Maxim Resource Library

Security and Privacy Magazine: Call for Papers

Distinguished Lecturer Program:

Call for RS
Distinguished Lecturers

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Stay Connected with Your Reliability Society

The Reliability Society is continuing to explore ways to communicate with its members and encourage members to network with each other. Use one or more of the sites listed below to keep abreast of the latest developments in reliability engineering and get to know other professionals in your field. 

Reliability Society on LinkIn

Did You Know.....

That the Reliability Society has a Linkedin Group?  If you are a Linkedin member, from the Linkedin home page, select "Groups>Groups Directory" and search on IEEE Reliability Society.  You are welcome to join your colleagues already in the group!



Reliability Society on Yahoo Groups 

This group is designed for free exchange of thoughts and ideas, events, activities, help/guidance and job/resume postings for engineers engaged in the field of reliability. The term "reliability" includes the related fields of maintainability, safety and logistics.

The focus of this group is on system, component, software, fabrication and facilities reliability.

This international group has been established to support and promote the reliability engineering profession. Businesses and non-IEEE members are welcome to join.

This group is semi-moderated. Posting of junk messages (spam) will not be tolerated.

As a member of this group, you will be able to see all messages and responses posted to the board. Likewise, you may post a message to the board. Only members of the group are able to view and post messages. When you join this group, if you wish to receive a personal copy of each message posted, select 'Individual Email'. You may choose a 'Daily Digest' summary of the day's messages. Alternatively, you can choose to read the messages whenever you visit the group site. In this case, you should select 'Web Only'. However, this choice limits the fun of joining in "live" on a discussion thread. Of course, you can change your choice to one of the other options at a later date.

To list a job opportunity or your resume, use the Post Messages feature in the left table of the page with the subject being "Resume" or "Employment Opportunity". [Yahoo Groups no longer allow an attachment (such as your resume) to your message.] Your e-mail address will be visible at the top of any message that you post. As the originator of a message, you may delete your message at a later date.

Technical photographs may be posted. Please create a sub-folder within Photos (table to the left) in which to place them and reference the sub-folder in your message.


Reliability Society on Facebook 

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