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Vol. 56, No. 3. August 2010

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Reliability Society Selected as a Recipient of the IEEE EAB Society / Council Professional Development Award

New Special PHM Section of the RS Newsletter

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You've Got Spam. Some Notes on the Reliability of E-mail Message Filtering

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Annual Technology Report

IEEE Cloud Forum for Practitioners

Two Prognostic Health Management (PHM) Conferences Sponsored by the Reliability Society in 2011

IEEE SmartGrid Conference
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President's Message

Dear Reliability Society Members,

Since each summer is usually a slower time of year for the Reliability Society ADCOM and EXCOM, not much has occurred in terms of administrative activity for the Society since my last note to you; however a few items are noteworthy.

 First, we held our 2011 Officers election, and I am delighted to announce the winners:

President Elect:  Dennis Hoffman

VP Technical Activities:  Lon Chase

VP Meetings (and Conferences):  Alfred Stevens

VP Publications:  Bob Loomis

VP Membership:  Marsha Abramo


As my term as President expires at the end of this year, I believe that this new group of officers will offer the business continuity leadership that we need going forward.  Our newly elected President, Dennis Hoffman, has ambitious goals for 2011, and this team is well suited to execute on those goals.  And while I will move on into the role of being an IEEE Director in 2011, I will still serve as the Junior Past President of the Reliability Society. 


Next, I am pleased to announce that Christian Hansen has been confirmed as our 2011 Treasurer.  He is taking over for Dick Kowalski, who has served with enormous distinction during his two terms as Treasurer.  We will miss Dick tremendously, but recognize that he has other personal interests that he wishes to pursue.  Further, Prof. Shiuhpyng Shieh has been confirmed in the role of the Reliability Society Newsletter editor in 2011.  We thank him much for agreeing to take on this important communication role.

A few other items are worth mentioning.  We underwent our Five-Year Society Review in Montreal in June, and received much praise for how well the Society is managed, organized, and the processes that we follow.  We expect a report back from the review committee around September 1.  From there, we will respond to their comments if needed, and at the point, the process is completed and goes into the IEEE archives for another 5 years.

We are on target with respect to where we told the IEEE our budget would be at the mid-year point, and even slightly ahead.  We are hopeful that our Cloud Computing Forum ( will provide enough surplus in 2010 to get the Society off of the TAB FINCOM Watch-list.  Please advertise this event to your colleagues, if appropriate.  So far, the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Standards Association are technical co-sponsors, and we expect a few more to agree to co-sponsor in the next few weeks.

And finally, IEEE TAB is still trying to restructure itself.  As you know, our Society has one vote in the TAB assembly.  This re-organization process has been going on for years, is very contentious, and appears to be coming to closure.  In my final message to you later this year, I will tell you what the resolution was. 

I hope this message finds you well, and enjoy the rest of your Summer'10!


Jeffrey Voas, PhD
2010 Reliability Society President


From the Editor

I am pleased to bring you another edition of the Reliability Society Newsletter. In this issue you will find, among other items,  reports from several local Reliability Society chapters, announcements of upcoming professional meetings within the reliability profession and a feature article on the reliability of e-mail message filtering.

I am exited to announce a new addition to our newsletter. Beginning this fall or early 2011 we will be publishing a series of Prognostic Health Management (PHM) related articles in a special PHM section of this newsletter. Dr. Pradeep Lall, Professor of Auburn University has agreed to serve as editor responsible for this portion of the newsletter.

I am also pleased to introduce our incoming newsletter Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Shiuhpyng Shieh who will be transitioning into this role during this fall. Dr. Shieh holds a PhD from University of Maryland and he has been instrumental in growing the Taiwan based RS membership significantly over the last year. As some of you know, I have been elected to serve as the new Treasurer of the Reliability Society, and although I have only served in the capacity of newsletter editor for a short period, I will need to resign from that position to devote all of my efforts on the financial aspects of the society. We are very fortunate to have someone as qualified as Dr. Shieh to take on the leadership responsibility for this newsletter.  

As always, input for the newsletter is solicited and greatly appreciated. This newsletter will publish content deemed appropriate for and of interest to members of the IEEE Reliability Society and members of the  reliability profession in general. Accepted content includes announcements and reports of activities sponsored by the Reliability Society including chapter meetings, workshops and conferences.

Technical papers including reviews, opinions, case studies or new ideas for the reliability professional are welcomed and accepted without external review. Authors are solely responsible for the correctness of results presented and proper citation of work by others.

Deadlines for submission of content:

Nov. 15  (Issue No. 4/2010)
Feb. 15  (Issue No. 1/2011)
May 15  (Issue No. 2/2011)
Aug. 15  (Issue No. 3/2011) 


Christian K. Hansen, PhD
Newsletter Editor

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