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Vol. 58, No. 1. February 2012

President's Message

Reliability Society Members,

2012 is well underway. The Reliability Society (RS) is hosting, sponsoring, or involved in a lot of activities. This message will cover some of our activities plus provide RS related information.

As you know, there were 13 AdCom candidates running for election, and all were well-qualified candidates. IEEE notified Jeff Voas, our N&A Chair, of the AdCom election winners. The 2012-2014 AdCom Member winners are (left to right):

Phillip Laplante, Pierre Dersin, Scott Abrams, Irving Engelson, Carole Graas, and Samuel Keene (not present, medical reason)

Congratulations, and thanks for becoming AdCom members and for being very involved within the RS!! The newly elected AdCom members were recognized and congratulated at the January AdCom meeting.

In addition, two AdCom members were vary recently appointed as replacements for two AdCom members who resigned; one for retirement and one for conflicting international travel / meeting schedules. Both of the appointed members were non-elected candidates who were approved by the AdCom members. The two AdCom appointees are:
Pradeep Lall (2012-2013)
Rex Sallade (2012)

Congratulations, and thanks for accepting their AdCom appointments, both of which are very active within the RS!!

At the January AdCom meeting, the 2012 RS Officers were recognized and congratulated. The 2012 Officers are (left to right):
VP Membership: Lon Chase
VP Meetings: Marsha Abramo
VP Technical Operations: Eric Wong
Secretary: Alfred Stevens
Treasurer: Christian Hansen
VP Publications: Bob Loomis
President: Dennis Hoffman
Jr. Past President: Jeff Voas (not present, medical reason)



At the January RS Awards Banquet, two RS Awards were presented. The Awardees were selected by the N&A Team, which Jeff Voas chairs. The Awardees were:

  RS Lifetime Achievement Award
  Robert J. Loomis -- for a lifetime of outstanding achievement in Reliability, Maintainability and Systems Safety to NASA, DoD, and the R&M Community
  RS Engineer of the Year Award
  Phillip LaPlante -- for achievements in mission critical software systems research, education and professional practice

Congratulations to Bob and Phil who are well authorized to receive these Awards. Thanks to the N&A Team f or a very good selection.

Two Reliability Society members were elevated to the IEEE Fellow grade by the IEEE Board of Directors on the recommendation of IEEE Fellow Committee. Both are very qualified for this position, and very glad that they were accepted and elevated.
  Pradeep Lall -- for contributions to reliability prediction for electronic packaging
  Anthony Oates -- for contributions to the engineering and understanding of interconnect reliability in integrated circuits

The attendees at the first 2012 AdCom meeting in January are pictured (taken by our Newsletter Editor Shiuhpyng Shieh who is also a member). All but one person are AdCom members. The one non-AdCom member is our RS member of the RAMS BOD, Tom Fagan. Tom was a past RS President.


Left to right: Dennis Hoffman, Loretta Arellano, Scott Abrams, Lou Gullo, Eric Wong, Christian Hansen, Pierre Dersin, Phil Laplante, Irv Engelson, Tom Fagan (a past RS President, non-AdCom member), Carole Graas, Joe Childs, Marsha Abramo, Bob Loomis, Lon Chase, Alfred Stevens, and Todd Weatherford

Pierre Dersin, our newly elected AdCom member from France, gave us a nice overview of this company, ALSTOM Transport, at our RS AdCom Awards Banquet, per my request. Thanks Pierre.

At the RAMS Symposium Banquet, Loon Ching Tang, Professor and Head of Industrial and Systems Engineering Department and Research Fellow, Xiao Liu , both at National University of Singapore, were presented the R. A. Evans / P. K. McElroy Award for their 2011 RAMS paper, titled "Spares Provisioning for Repairable Systems under Fleet Expansion". Dr. Tang expressed great thanks to Ralph Evans, our former RS T-Rel Managing Editor, for aiding and refining his papers over many years so that his papers were very correctly worded in English. Ralph Evans aided many non-US authors. I thanked Dr. Tang for expressing his thanks to Ralph (who passed away a number of years ago).

As a reminder, conference proceedings are available for access in the Reliability Digital Library (RDL). As an RS member you get complete and free access to everything in the RDL. The RDL can be accessed at Or you can sign in with your IEEE user id and password and then click on "What can I access?". Then select the IEEE Reliability Society Conference Digital Library. This will bring up links to all the conference proceedings that are available. You can use either approach.

2012 RS sponsored and co-sponsored conference planning / implementation activities are well underway — examples IRPS (, Denver PHM (, China PHM (, and SERE ( along with these new ones: Reliability Science for Advanced Materials and Devices (, Hackademic (, and China Battery Management Systems for High Operational Availability and Safety.

As I have expressed many times, the Reliability Society covers the broad aspects of reliability. Thus, the RS is seen as the IEEE Specialty Engineering organization. We are covering those aspects through broad topic conferences, publications, technical activities, standards development, and training. As a RS member (or your interest in becoming a member), please let us know about your involvement inter est and become active — we need your involvement. The RS Technical Activities is a good area for technical involvement and to expand your technical contacts.

Thanks to each of you for your Reliability Society membership.

Best regards,

Dennis Hoffman
2011-12 RS President


From the Editor

Welcome to the 2012 February issue of Reliability Society Newsletter. This is the first issue of 2012. In this issue, President Dennis Hoffman gave an update of the recent activities, and VP Robert Loomis briefly introduced the journals and magazines published by the RS society. You may also find what's happening in our society. This year the award ceremony was held at Nugget Hotel, Reno, Nevada in January 2012. Robert Loomis received the IEEE Reliability Society Lifetime Achievement Award, and Phil Laplante was awarded the IEEE Reliability Society Engineer of the Year. Congratulations to the award winners for their great contribution to our society. The list of 2012 ExCom/AdCom members, and their photos are also included in this issue.

The February issue features "When does software affect the health, safety and welfare of the public?" by Professor Phil Laplante of Penn State University, who is also the 2011 IEEE Reliability Society "Engineer of the Year" award recipient. This paper raised the important issues of software engineer licensure. Licensure of certain software engineers in the United States will be required in at least 10 states by 2013 and, likely, by all US states and jurisdictions (e.g. Puerto Rico) within a few years. But which software engineers will need to be licensed? What kinds of kinds of software systems affect the health, safety and welfare of the public? The answers to these two questions will be addressed from the perspective of reliability engineering.

The Newsletter has been the society's primary media for sharing thoughts on reliability related issues and announcements of events of interest to our members. This newsletter will publish content deemed appropriate for and of interest to members of the IEEE Reliability Society and members of the reliability profession in general. Accepted content includes announcements and reports of activities sponsored by the Reliability Society including chapter meetings, workshops and conferences. Technical papers including reviews, opinions, case studies or new ideas for the reliability professional are welcomed and accepted without external review. Authors are solely responsible for the correctness of results presented and proper citation of work by others. For submissions to Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) section, please contact Dr. Pradeep Lall who is the editor handling the PHM section. For further information please contact Dr. Lall.

Deadlines for submission of content:

May 10 (Issue No. 2/2012)
Aug. 10 (Issue No. 3/2012)
Nov. 10 (Issue No. 4/2012)
Feb. 10 (Issue No. 1/2013)

I would like to thank the RS Officers, AdCom members, Chapter chairs and members at large who have contributed to this issue. I sincerely hope our members can continue sharing your thoughts through our newsletter.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the newsletter, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.


Shiuhpyng Winston Shieh, PhD
Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

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