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Vol. 59, No. 4. November 2013

President's Message

Reliability Society Members,

Hi. This year is almost over, and getting close to major holidays with time for family, relatives, and friends to get together. To all Reliability Society (RS) members, have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

This is my last year as the RS President, and thanks to the RS members and the RS AdCom for having me serve as President during two several priors: 2011-2013 and 2001-2002. I greatly appreciate and am honored to have that office. In 2014, I will be the RS Jr. Past President so will still be active within the Reliability Society. Thanks to you all!!


2014-2016 Elected RS AdCom Members: As you are aware, the annual AdCom election has just been completed. There were nine high quality technically expert candidates, who are nicely qualified persons, and who ran for the election of 6 AdCom members. The 2014-2016 RS AdCom members, elected by the RS membership, are:

        Lou Gullo
        Christian Hansen
        Pradeep Lall
        Zhaojun (Steven) Li
        Robert Loomis
        Pradeep Ramuhalli

Thanks for the great election results and congratulations to the elected AdCom members.

2014 Reliability Society Officers: RS AdCom members, who are 2014 RS Officers, are:

        President: Christian Hansen
        VP Publications: Phil Laplante
        VP Membership: Marsha Abramo
        VP Technical Activities: Shiuhpyng Shieh
        VP Meetings and Conferences: Alfred Stevens
        Treasurer: Robert Loomis
        Secretary: Eric Wong
        Jr. Past President: Dennis Hoffman
        Sr. Past President: Jeff Voas

RS Awards: Jeff Voas, our RS Jr. Past President, lead the annual official task to identify and gain approval of the RS Award winners, who will be honored at the January RS AdCom Award Banquet in January. The RS Award winners are:

        –  Prof. Lionel Briand - IEEE Reliability Society Engineer of the Year for 2013 "for achievements in model-based software verification and testing"
        –  Mr. Alfred Stevens - IEEE Reliability Society Lifetime Achievement Award "for achievements in Reliability on the US Navy's Fleet Ballistic Missile System and             NASA's Space Shuttle Program"
Both Lionel and Alfred are very well deserving of this honor.

Congratulations to the elected 2014-2016 RS AdCom members, the 2014 RS Officers, and the January 2014 RS Awardees.

RS Involvements / Activities

2014 RS Conferences: Our RS Conference Management Teams for our 2014 Conferences are underway. If you would like to get involved and be active in developing and completing a specific Conference, plus let us know. You can contact Alfred Stevens, our RS Meeting and Conference VP, Rex Sallade for the PHM (Prognostics and Health Management) Conference, Eric Wong for the SERE (Software Security and Reliability), and/or Carole Graas for the RSAMD (Reliability Science for Advanced Materials and Devices) Conference

RS Technical Advances: Our Reliability Society wants to advance several technical areas / topics:

        –  Technical Committees for specific technical fields / topics which are within the broad reliability engineering aspects
        –  Training presenters for holding active and passive webinars, corporate workshops / training, etc
        –  Topic Area Directors with each Director focused on a specific topic and know a number of contacts / experts for the topic to aid RS Officers
        –  Additional conferences established for each covering a specific great topic
        –  Standards development which are associated with HW and SW reliability, PHM, system security, etc

RS members, please consider, and if interested in becoming active within the RS organization to support RS Officers and/or AdCom members, please contact one of the Officers, AdCom members, or the specific person with whom you would like to be active. Technical helpers are needed.

Reminders: Visit our RS web site ( often. It is the gateway to the many resources that the RS makes available in the broad aspects of reliability. The Reliability Society can and does help create a win-win situation for you and the RS in this current dynamic, world-wide technology environment. By being active within the RS, you can interact with many of the "movers and shakers" in this broad reliability discipline.

Conference proceedings are available for access in the Reliability Digital Library (RDL). As an RS member you get complete and free access to everything in the RDL. The RDL can be accessed at . Sign in with your IEEE user id and password and then click on "What can I access?". Then select the IEEE Reliability Society Conference Digital Library. This will bring up links to all the conference proceedings that are available.

RS members should consider being involved at some level within the Reliability Society. Your involvement can be in your local RS Chapter, in RS Conference Management Committees, within one of the RS Officer Committees, in being a Chair or active member in a Technical Committees, in a Standards development team, etc. It is also very great for our RS members to be an author for our RS publications or LOR (Letter on Reliability). Please consider.

RS Chapters: Thanks to various leaders around the world and to active RS members, who are speaking to and helping the leaders in various areas, to establish new RS Chapters. The RS for new Chapters is being successful within various countries. This is great.

Thanks to each of you for your Reliability Society membership.

Best regards,

Dennis Hoffman
2013 RS President


From the Editor

Greetings for the upcoming holiday season, hope you all enjoy the holidays with family and friends. This will be last issue I handle for the RS Newsletter. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continual supports in the last three years during my term as the EIC. Joe Child will be the next EIC, starting from January 2014.

As many of you have noticed, it is the last year for President Dennis Hoffman to serve as RS president. President Hoffman has done a wonderful job for being the president of RS and starting next year President Hoffman will be RS’s Jr. Past President. We would like to take this opportunity to thank President Hoffman and the outstanding 2013 RS officers for the heart and soul they have put in RS. Thank you for your great effort.

We would also like to congratulate 2014-2016 elected RS AdCom members, and 2014 RS officers. The list of elected RS AdCom members and the 2014 RS officers are announced in the society news of this November issue. Besides the changes in RS, a list of RS involvements and activities coming up in the year of 2014 are listed in president's message. Be sure not to miss out the information.

Followed by the announcement of the newly elected officers and AdCom members, the RS member in the 2014 class of IEEE Fellows, the winners of IEEE RS Engineer of the Year, Lifetime Achievement award for 2013 are also announced, respectively. Big congratulations to Prof. Lionel Briand and Alfred Stevens. Brief biographies of the winners are in the society news link.

In this November issue, there are a few call-for-paper messages for year 2014. Please do not miss the deadlines if you plan to submit papers. On top of the broadcasting message, a conference calendar for 2014 is also available for your reference to find out next year' s conference activities. Personally, I found it very useful, and I hope it is also useful to you.

The Newsletter has been the society’s primary media for sharing thoughts on reliability related issues and announcements of events of interest to our members. This newsletter will publish content deemed appropriate for and of interest to members of the IEEE Reliability Society and members of the reliability profession in general. Accepted content includes announcements and reports of activities sponsored by the Reliability Society including chapter meetings, workshops and conferences. Technical papers including reviews, opinions, case studies or new ideas for the reliability professional are welcomed and accepted without external review. Authors are solely responsible for the correctness of results presented and proper citation of work by others. For submissions to Prognostic Health Management (PHM) section, please contact Dr. Pradeep Lall who is the editor handling the PHM section. For submissions to Letter in Reliability (LIR), please contact VP Tech Eric Wong.

Deadlines for submission of content:

Feb. 1 (Issue No. 1/2014)
May. 1 (Issue No. 2/2014)
Aug. 1 (Issue No. 3/2014)
Nov. 1 (Issue No. 4/2014)

I would like to thank the RS Officers, AdCom members, Chapter chairs and members at large who have contributed to this issue. I sincerely hope our members can continue sharing your thoughts through our newsletter.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the newsletter, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.


Shiuhpyng Winston Shieh, PhD
Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

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