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Vol. 60, No. 4, November 2014

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Election of AdCom Members -- Awaiting Results

Announcing the Debut of the IEEE Reliability Digest

Status Update: 2014 IEEE Standards

Update of the RS Tutorial Certificate Program "Software Reliability"


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Technical VP: Status of Tech Committees and New 'Reliability Digest'

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2015 RS PHM Call for Papers

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Comparative Analysis: Bayesian & Classical Approaches for S/W Reliability Measurement


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President's Message

It is fall time and the year 2014 is heading into its holiday season and rapidly is winding down. This has been a very exciting and productive year for the Reliability Society (RS) with many accomplishments that I am proud to report on. As a member of the Reliability Society, you have access to a wide variety of technical information through our conferences and publications. Personally, I have had the pleasure of attending many of our conferences this year, and I have been pleased with both attendance as well as the quality of presentations. I am grateful to the many of my colleagues who have that put in numerous hours to make sure that high quality articles are solicited and presented, and that both authors and attendees get a rewarding and enjoyable experience attending the conference. As an added value to our conference attendees, many of our conferences are offering tutorials given by experts in the field in addition to its highly technical program. This year, thanks to Professor Eric Wong and with financial assistance provided by the IEEE Future Directions Committee we are offering the opportunity to earn a Software Reliability Certificate through a selection of our conference tutorials offered on this topic, see article by Professor Wong in this edition of the newsletter. 

Our society sponsored publications offer a variety of technical articles ranging from theory to practice. Our journals are highly regarded and frequently cited across a wide spectrum of authors. This year the Transactions on Reliability, our flagship journal, published its largest page count ever and is continuing to receive a record number of submissions. For our application oriented members, we are proud to offer a new product this year, Reliability Digest, a technical extension of the Reliability Society Newsletter.  I commend our VP of Technical Activities Professor Shiuhpyng Shieh and his team on a very nice job putting the first special issue on trustworthy computing together. Reliability Digest helps bridge the gap between the highly technical articles published in our scholarly journals and the less technical announcements traditionally published in our newsletter.  

As someone who has been an IEEE RS member for almost 25 years, I can testify to the fact that job and career advancement opportunities are highly dependent on what you know as well as who you know. Whether you are a graduating college student or a seasoned professional, IEEE RS can help you maintain or gain new knowledge, but perhaps the biggest benefit of membership is the opportunity to network with other professionals in your field. To that end, I encourage you to take full advantage of your membership by being active in an RS technical committee, or through your local chapter. Help us spread the word and promote the RS among your colleagues and especially the younger talent in your organization. In an increasingly complex and interconnected digital world, we will need to continually build and expand the talent pool for the next generation of reliability professionals and leaders in our profession.  
I am wishing all of our members an enjoyable holiday season, and I hope to see many of you in 2015.

Christian K. Hansen, PhD
2014 Reliability Society President



From the Editor

This is the last of the RS Newsletters for 2014. It's been fun, editing this letter, because I get to see what's going on throughout the Society -- across many disciplines, across America, and across the continents! And, boy, has there been a lot going on!

  • A multitude of trips between America, Asia and Europe for important outreach programs and conferences.

  • The Society challenging itself and its members, enthusiastically participating in exciting new technologies and IEEE thrusts

  • Important new standards being developed to further the impact of IEEE and the Reliability Society on the electrical and electronic industries at large.

  • And of course the continuation of friendships and relationships of like-minded engineers who are smart, hard-working, and passionate about bettering this world.

  • But we also paused to remember some of those friends and relations that passed before us. A few of them we mentioned in this Newsletter... like Ralph Evans, Harold Ascher, and most recently Mike Silverman.

The latter name I mentioned, Mike Silverman, is a recent addition to the list of those who passed this year. He was a founder of "Ops A La Carte," a reliability support supplier. He and his company were known by many of our members. Craig Hillman may have said it best:

...Mike was an amazing presence within the field of reliability and his influence was felt far and wide throughout the world of electronics. His dynamism was infectious, and his efforts helped hundreds of individuals with their pain, and he pointed numerous organizations in the right direction. We were proud of the engagement we have had with Mike and his company... we will sorely miss him.

As I mentioned before, the IEEE members continously strive to make this world a better place. We do it by assuring that engineers, managers, and customers think about their creations in ways that allow those inventions to work as well they can and last as long as they should!

Joe Childs
2014 Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

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