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Vol. 62, No. 4, November 2016

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President's Message

Dear Reliability Society Member,

This message will be my last President’s message as I am finishing my third and final term as Reliability Society President. It has been such an honor and pleasure and I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with an outstanding group of people and it has been a wonderful experience representing the society at the IEEE Technical Activities Board, the IEEE Big Data Initiative and at many conferences that the society sponsors every year.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in North America, I personally have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for my family for their love and support and for my university colleagues covering my slack while I was gone on what seemed like endless travel these last three years. I am thankful for my fellow AdCom and ExCom members for their hard work to implement the goals we jointly established and I give you all the credit for allowing me to pass on a society in better shape than ever to my successor, our 2017 President Dr. Jeffrey Voas.

I am looking forward to supporting President Voas in my new role as the Jr. Past President joined by a very fine group of volunteer leaders serving on the 2017 Executive Committee (ExCom):

   Dennis Hoffman, Sr. Past President (non-elected position)
   Pradeep Lall, VP of Publications (newly elected)
   Pierre Dersin, VP of Technical Activities (newly elected)
   Carole Graas, VP of Meetings and Conferences (re-elected)
   Joseph Childs, VP of Membership (re- elected)
   Robert Loomis, Treasurer (appointed)
   Alfred Stevens, Secretary (appointed)

We have three outgoing officers:

   Shiuhpyng Shieh, VP of Technical Activities
   Eric Wong, VP of Publications*
   Pradeep Ramuhalli, Secretary
* This position was temporarily filled by Jeff Voas (since April 1 when Professor Wong began his new role as EIC of the Transactions on Reliability).

Thank you to all you for your service and hard work on behalf of the Society.

I am also happy to introduce the newly elected (or re-elected) members of the RS Administrative Committee (AdCom) who will serve a three-year term 2017-2019 (in alphabetical order):

   Marsha Abramo
   Loretta Arellano
   Lon Chase
   Pradeep Lall
   Steven Li
   Shiuhpyng Shieh

Congratulations to the AdCom class of 2019!

I am wishing all of our members and volunteers an enjoyable holiday season, and I hope to see many of you in 2017.

Christian K. Hansen, PhD
2014-2016 Reliability Society President

From the Editor

This is the fourth and final Reliability Society newsletter for 2016. This year has really flown by and is almost gone. The society has been successful this year and is anticipating a busy schedule for next year. Announcements for 2017 conferences sponsored by the society are many. Please review the newsletter and on the website for upcoming conferences to plan attendance. Conferences proceedings are also published in IEEE eXplore.

Our society publications, Transactions on Reliability, Reliability Magazine, and others listed in the website, are other great sources of technical information. We also publish technical or non-technical articles of interest in the newsletter. See this issue’s article on Human Reliability in System Design, Operation, and Support by Ken LaSala for interesting information on this topic. Others are sought for future newsletter issues.

The society chapters are also busy. Chapters are a good way to be active in society topics of interest. If not already active, look for a local chapter in the website list. There are new chapters being opened each year. You can also get involved organizing chapter activities. Some examples are reported in the newsletter. Now is the time to get active.

Inputs for future newsletter issues are due in the following deadlines for input. Technical bulletins in our field of interest, committee announcements, Chapter activities, conference call for papers, etc. are needed for the newsletter.

  • Issue #1, inputs due Feb 1
  • Issue #2, inputs due May 1
  • Issue #3, inputs due Aug 1
  • Issue #4, inputs due Nov 1

I look forward to communicating society information in our topics of interest with our membership. The Newsletter is only as good as the inputs provided, so please help bring our members an outstanding Newsletter. As always, feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Have a great, reliable and safe holiday,

Lon Chase
2016 Newsletter Editor-in-Chief


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