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Vol. 63, No. 3, November 2017

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President’s Message

Dear Reliability Society Members,

As we begin to close out 2017, I'd like to inform you about a few accomplishments from this year. Much has transpired, and I will focus on the more significant issues.

For publications, the “first ever” Phase I proposal for a Reliability Magazine has been submitted to the IEEE Periodicals Committee. Our Society has talked about trying to create this publication for many years. While we are far from reaching that goal, we have begun the process. The process is usually quite long, i.e., years. Further, in 2017, our Society became an investor in the Internet of Things (IoT) product that has rolled out of the IEEE Future Directions Committee, and that product has produced a Phase II proposal for a “first ever” IoT Magazine. We believe that ownership of our own flagship magazine and partial ownership in this IoT Magazine is crucial in building our future.

In terms of membership, we are considering the creation of a membership bundling package within other societies in Division VI. Our Executive Committee (EXCOM) supports bundling. In bundling, you would still a RS member, but you could join other societies in the bundle at a greatly reduced price. And you would be a full voting member of those societies and receive their full benefits. Initial feedback from other presidents in Division VI is positive, but it will take time to get such an arrangement in place. To give you an idea as to why this might make sense, consider this: in our Division there are 15.5K unique members and approximately 14K of those members do not belong to the RS. Also note that this is another “first” — IEEE does not even have the back-office software to do this. And on a different note about membership, a new RS Student Branch Chapter has been formed in Guadalajara, Mexico. This is our “first ever” student branch chapter.

In terms of Technical Activities, we try to stay current and align ourselves with the direction IEEE is heading as well as where technology (in general) is heading. We are hosting the IEEE Future Directions Committee Blockchain Incubator Workshop in Arlington, VA on October 26-27. There are three sessions: a keynote with three speakers, a 2nd session with four presentations, and a third session with IEEE staff and volunteer leads. IEEE is considering turning the results of this Blockchain Workshop into a full blown new Future Directions initiative in 2018 with the RS as the lead society or co-lead society. If this works out as we hope, this would be the first time the RS has ever led or co-led such an undertaking, which is about a 5-year commitment.

Let me end this message with three more items. The PHM Standard IEEE P1856 has been approved; this is a major milestone. Our conferences continue to be a major backbone of the Society, both technically and financially. In 2017, we sponsored 20 conferences. And our elections are about to begin. Please vote when you get your ballots. The election ends November 2. We have more new candidates who would be “first timers” to the ADCOM than we have had in a long time. Please consider them seriously.

Finally, I hope that you can see that the EXCOM and ADCOM have worked hard this year, and I hope the rest of 2017 is terrific for you.

All the Best,


From the Editor

This is the third Reliability Society newsletter for 2017, a combined August and November issue. The society is very active in conferences, publications and chapters; therefore, this issue is jam-packed with news, announcements, chapter activities, and articles of interest. There are many Call for Papers, announcements and/or links for upcoming Reliability Society sponsored conferences. Our active chapters have interesting reports on their activities. Please take this opportunity to consider reading about and participating in a conference or chapter activity or other society activity.

The holidays and a close to this year draw near. In addition to the remaining activities, the new year promises the potential for a multitude of reliability and society related activities. You are encouraged to keep in touch with society activities by reading and contributing to the newsletter. Members and organizations have much knowledge and information to share. This sharing strengthens our disciplines, members and the society. Our sponsored conferences, publications and chapters all form a part of this information sharing and are critical in future society growth. You can also get involved organizing chapter activities. Now is the time to get active.

Inputs for future newsletter issues are due in the following dates for input. Technical bulletins in our field of interest, committee announcements, Chapter activities, conference call for papers, etc. are needed for the newsletter.

  • Issue #1, inputs due Feb 1
  • Issue #2, inputs due May 1
  • Issue #3, inputs due Aug 1
  • Issue #4, inputs due Nov 1

I look forward to communicating society information in our topics of interest with our membership. The Newsletter is only as good as the inputs provided, so please help bring our members an outstanding Newsletter. As always, feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Have a great, reliable and safe holiday and start to the new year,

Lon Chase
2017 Newsletter Editor-in-Chief


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