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Call for Nominations Editor-in-Chief
IEEE Transactions On Device and Materials Reliability

The IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability (TDMR) provides leading edge/state of the art information that is critically relevant to the creation of reliable microelectronic products. The Transactions is a forum for interdisciplinary studies on reliability and publishes original and significant research contributions on reliability of Electronic and Photonic Devices, Materials, Processes, Interfaces, Integrated Microsystems (including MEMS & Sensors), Process Technology (CMOS, BiCMOS, etc.) and Integrated Circuits (IC, SSI, MSI, LSI, ULSI etc.) and Packages. The measurement and understanding of the reliability of such entities at each phase, from the concept stage through research and development and into manufacturing scale-up, provides the overall database of the reliability of the devices, materials, processes, package and other necessities for the successful introduction of a product to market. Reliability in a sense is everything that can be or has to be done to guarantee that the product successfully performs in the field under customer conditions. Our goal is to capture these advances.

Founded in 2000, TDMR publishes original papers and letters. The editor-in-chief together with the editorial team also solicits review articles, invited papers Special issues on highly topical themes. TDMR is co-sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices and the Reliability Societies.

Nominations are invited for the position of Editor-in-Chief (EiC) for TDMR for a 3-year term beginning in January 2020. The EiC’s ongoing duties include assigning submitted manuscripts to one of the editors who cover the range of reliability issues within TDMR’s scope. The EiC makes the final decision regarding the disposition of each manuscript submitted to TDMR based upon the recommendation of the editor. TDMR publishes four issues per year, each approximately 150-200 pages in length.

The EiC is helped administratively by a person from the IEEE publications staff.

Criteria for the Nominees:

  • Ability and motivation to spend sufficient time to assign manuscripts and reviewing the acceptance or rejection recommendations made by the editors;
  • Demonstrated technical leadership within the field of reliability evaluation and characterization;
  • Formal support from the institution for which the nominee works (waived if self-employed or employed at an academic institution);
  • Experience serving as an editor of TDMR or another journal whose scope includes the field of reliability of microelectronic devices.
  • Commitment to guide TDMR according to this Call for Nominations and to further actively develop the journal;
  • Willingness to work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the technical leadership and fiscal health of TDMR.

Requirements for Nominations:

  • A brief IEEE-style biography (up to 250 words) of the nominee;
  • A complete CV and list-of-publications of the nominee;
  • A brief statement from the nominator on nominee’s qualification and how the nominee meets the criteria listed above;
  • A letter from nominee’s employer indicating support for the EiC activity (can be waived, see above);
  • Endorsement from two IEEE members on the nomination;
  • Optionally, a statement (up to 500 words) from the nominee on his/her vision for the journal.

Please email the nomination materials to: James Skowrenski (J.Skowrenski@ieee.org) no later than July 31, 2019.

Souvik Mahapatra
IEEE TDMR Steering Committee