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IEEE Reliability Society 2019 Chapter Awards

Loretta Arellano
Chapter Coordinator
IEEE Reliability Society

Dear Chapter Chairs,
It’s that time of year for you to submit your chapter for the annual Reliability Society chapters award. Chapters active on Jan 1, 2019 are eligible to apply for activities between Jan 1, 2019 through Dec 30, 2019. Estimate activity post submittal of this application with a note that it is an estimate. Winners will be announced at the January Awards Banquet (details to be provided at a later date).

The following awards will be given to chapters in the order of highest to lowest score:
First Place: $ 800
Second Place: $ 600
Third Place: $ 400
Fourth Place: $ 200 (given to all Chapters that submit a complete awards package, but do not place in the top three).

Submittals are due Dec 14, 2019. Send completed form to l.arellano@eee.org. Please note that officers and meetings MUST be reported in IEEE Vtools.

Award Submission Paperwork (for download only):