Vol. 65, No. 3, October 2019

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ISSSR 2019: The 5th International Symposium on System and Software Reliability

W. Eric Wong
Steering Committee Chair, ISSSR
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Reliability

Software and system reliability is the probability of failure-free software and system operation for a specified period of time in a specified environment. Reliability is also an important factor affecting software and system dependence. Many critical systems being required to operate without a system failure for a given period of time, such examples as nuclear, aerospace, spacecraft and high-speed trains and other such systems, need the development of reliability.

ISSSR 2019 represented an excellent opportunity for the academic community to become more aware of subject areas critical to the software industry as practitioners brought their needs to the table. It was held on June 6 and 7, 2019 in Chengdu. The conference was technically sponsored by IEEE Reliability Society, and organized by University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, with the support from the Reliability Chengdu Chapter.

We would like to thank all the volunteers, authors, and attendees for their valuable contributions and participations to make this conference more successful every year. We give special thanks to:

  • General Chairs (Professor Christian Hansen and Professor Liang Luo)
  • Program Chairs (Professor Manuel Núñez and Professor Peng Sun)
  • Publicity Chairs (Professor Chuan Li and Professor Steven Li)
  • Local Chair (Professor Xiwei Qiu)
  • Publication Chair (Dr. Vidroha Debroy)
  • Webmaster (Shou-Yu Lee)

We would also like to specially acknowledge all the support from Professor Yuanshun Dai and Professor Qiang Miao.

Opening Ceremony

Keynote Speech by Professor Christian Hansen

Keynote Speech by Professor Tadashi Dohi