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Vol. 67, No. 1, June 2021

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Obituary - Dr. Thad Regulinski

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President's Message

Dear Reliability Society Members,

In this edition of our newsletter, you will find a collection of news and program updates in areas that your colleagues are actively engaged in. From chapters' meetings, to conferences, to IEEE-wide programs that we support, "RS Members" continue to learn, share, and strengthen our communities and professional lives. Even with the covid pandemic tragically active throughout the world, and with the help of critical IEEE tools and support - such as virtual meeting platforms, we have found ways to meet with each other, and even expand our connections. Your society continues to diversify its engagement in growing research and technology topics, further expanding the contributions of reliability researchers and engineers to the countless ways technology improves our lives. At RS, we are on a mission to communicate your achievements in ever more creative and engaging ways.

Discover how:

  • RS Chapters meet, educate, share and sponsor interesting talks, with highlights from our Joint Section Chapter from Boston - New Hampshire - Providence
  • The RS Chapter Awards program has been updated to reward our most active participants
  • A group of industry experts created the French PHM Initiative
  • We support valuable IEEE programs with links to news from the IEEE Smart Village Initiative and the new IEEE Pre-University STEM programs portal
  • Our volunteers are engaged in the upcoming Young Professionals program track at the 2021 World Forum on Internet of Things
  • We hope you enjoy this edition, and please watch for exciting new ones in the months to come. Contact our newsletter editor Ricky Gao to share your news in the future.

    With best wishes for good health and success,

    Carole Graas

    2021 Reliability Society President

    From the Editor

    Due to COVID-19, the RS newsletter skipped a few issues. Now, it comes back online and broadcasts news from recent activity, announcements for upcoming events in 2021. The society is still proceeding with a very successful year under the pandemic. There are many activities completed, underway or planned for the year. You can find them in the RS Events & News section. Check the announcements section for upcoming conferences. This issue also contains other news and chapter activities of interest. Please enjoy reading about and participating in society and chapter activity.

    Members and organizations have much knowledge and information to share. This sharing strengthens our disciplines, members and the society. Technical bulletins in our field of interest, committee announcements, Chapter activities, conference call for papers, etc. are needed for the newsletter. Due dates for future newsletter issues are shown as follows.

    • 2021 September issue, inputs due August 31
    • 2021 December issue, inputs due November 31

    This is my first issue as the RS Newsletter Editor-in-Chief. I would love to bring the newsletter more engaged in RS member's daily life. I am looking forward to gathering ideas about how to improve the newsletter and make it more informative. I am also planning to redesign the layout for future issues. The Newsletter is only as good as the inputs provided, so please help bring our members an outstanding Newsletter.

    Ricky Gao
    2021 Newsletter Editor-in-Chief


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