Transactions on Reliability

Mission: This IEEE Transactions on Reliability is a refereed journal for the reliability and allied disciplines including but not limited to maintainability, life testing, prognostics, design and manufacture for reliability, systems of systems, network availability, mission success, warranty, securty, safety, and various measures of effectiveness.

Topics eligible for publications range:

  • from hardware to software,
  • from materials to systems,
  • from consumer & industrial devices to manufacturing plants,
  • from individual items to networks, and
  • from techniques for making things better to ways of predicting/measuring behavior in the field.

As an engineering subject that supports new and existing technologies, we constantly expand into new areas of the assurance sciences. Topics not eligible for publication include routine mathematical exercises on well-known topics that do not provide a useful insight or tool for a manager, engineer, scientist, or theoretician.

When writing a paper to submit to our Transactions, be sure to write clearly, correctly, concise, consistently, with contribution, and be convincing. Always make your key contribution obvious, and make clear to the reader why they should take interest in your paper.

Submission of Manuscripts: The Transactions on Reliability now offers the option to publish via either Open Access or traditional means! In either case the journal maintains review integrity and quality of publishing. You have the option of submission of your manuscript for IEEE Open Access at a discounted rate of $1750* To find out more, click here.

As of 1/1/2014, the IEEE Transactions on Reliability has converted to using Manuscript Central. All submissions, reviews, status updates, and communications about Transactions on Reliability business for any paper submitted in 2014 or later should be worked through our website:

Special Guidelines for Authors

We welcome high quality submissiions that are original work, not published, and not currently submitted elsewhere. We also welcome extensions to conference papers, unless prohibited by copyright, if there is a significant difference in the technical content. Improvements such as adding a new case study or including a description of additional related studies do not satisfy this requirement.

Each submission must conform to the double column single spaced format of printed articles in the IEEE Transactions on Reliability with all figures and tables embedded in the paper, rather than listed at the end or in the appendix. An abstract must be included at the beginning of each submission, as well as copied and pasted into the corresponding Abstract box at Step 1 of the submission. If it is uploaded as an attachment, a message such as "See the attached abstract" must be entered in the corresponding box. Authors will not be able to continue if this box is empty.

The overlapping between a submission and other articles, including the authors' own papers, should be less than 30%.

Any paper shorter than five pages is likely to be rejected without evaluation unless it is well-written with solid contribution to advanced reliability and related areas.

Send inquires to Professor W. Eric Wong, Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Reliability.

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