Reliability Society Distinguished Lecturers

Reliability Society Distinguished Lecturers
Topics and Speakers

The Reliability Society is pleased to offer the following lectures. Each of our lecturers is a recognized expert in their area. To review an abstract for a topic, click on the topic title. To arrange for a speaker, please contact Charles Recchia, our Distinguished Lecturers Coordinator. Information and recources are available at the bottom of this page.

Design For Reliability (DfR)
Lou Gullo

Focused Ion Beam Technology: Applications in Microelectronics
Marsha Abramo

Accelerated Stress Testing
Anthony Chan

Mechanical Reliability
Dick Doyle

Thermal Analysis
Dick Doyle

Medical Electronics
Dick Doyle

Repairable Systems Reliability -- Modeling and Failure Data Analysis
Christian Hansen

Accelerated Life Testing - ESS, HALT/HASS, Time Stress Tests; Models, Applications, Examples
James McLinn

Assessment of the Trustworthiness and Dependability of Cloud Services
Bret Micheal

Improving Software FMEA Processes and Results
Nat Ozarin

New Tools and Techniques for FMEA of System Interconnection Designs
Nat Ozarin

A Powerless Cloud
William Tonti

Technology On the Edge
William Tonti

Chip Reliability
William Tonti

eFuse Design and Reliability
William Tonti

Obtaining a US Patent
William Tonti

Software Fault Injection and its Relationship to Software Testing
Jeffrey Voas

Smartphones (Android) in Foreign Wars: Security Challenges and Opportunities
Jeffrey Voas

Bayesian Reliability Data Analysis
Steven Li

Infomation and recources on the DL program are available below:

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