Technical Activities

Welcome to the Reliability Society Technical Activities webpage!

On this page, technical information and links, as well as, material and products of interest to the society will be showcased.

The Society′s Technical Committees form a cornerstone of our technical activity and influence. Many of the prior committees are no longer active and are in need of regeneration. Also, formation of new networks is being sought in the following solicitation.

Solicitation for Society Technical Committees

The Reliability Society is soliciting the formation of new technical committees within the society fields of interest. The Society is concerned with attaining, assessing, and assuring system security and reliability, in the broadest sense, and maintaining it throughout its life cycle. Its areas of interest encompass technologies for designing, analyzing, producing and assessing some portion or aspect of a computing system, networks, hardware, software, devices, processes, or materials. Technical committees may include, but are limited to technical areas of trustworthy computing, network security, privacy, integrity, availability, maintainability, testability, diagnostics, prognostics and health management, quality, supportability, human engineering, and system safety. This links to a list of past technical committees. Revitalization of prior networks, as well as new networks, is needed.

Technical Committees are intended to:

  1. Monitor the technical state-of-the-art in their field, detect the need for new technical developments, and take action to stimulate interest in such development.
  2. Foster closer relationships between this Society and other Societies, Groups and organizations with common interests.
  3. Generate or coordinate technical material to spread sphere of knowledge and influence in their field of interest, such as:
    1. Arrange, through appropriate editors, for publishing pertinent papers in IEEE publications (i.e. Transactions, RS Newsletter, Reliability, etc.),
    2. Organize technical conferences, and operate sessions at meetings of IEEE at all levels and at meetings of other organizations, and
    3. Generate and develop appropriate standards in its field for processing by or through the IEEE Standards Committee.

Society officers can assist the technical committees in any of these activities. The Society webpage will also advertise each committee and provide an address for other potential members to contact the committee. In the near future, we will be expanding the website Technical Activities area to allow each committee to post information and products they wish to communicate to others.

The left side menu contains a link to the Society′s Reliability, which is a peer-reviewed online magazine. This magazine is intended to better serve RS members with the coverage of recent innovation and advancement of emerging hot topics in security, reliability, and related assurance topics. The magazine evolved from the Annual Technical Report (ATR) to more directly reflect timely and interesting nature of the content. The submission website can be accessed by clicking the Reliability link on the left. If you have information of professional interest to our Reliability community, please consider contributing to the Reliability.

The Society′s Technology Focus Areas are also highlighted for direct access to current and emergent information with links in these areas. The RS is also active in the development and maintenance of IEEE Standards. Follow the Standards link for additional information.

The society′s Webinars are presented with audio/slide shows, videos and text-based messages. Webinars include different kinds of technical issues, such as trustworthy computing, network security, privacy and so on. Please click the Webinar link on the left for more detailed information.

Any individual or interest group interested in creating or getting involved in a technical committee is requested to contact Shiuhpyng Winston Shieh, VP Tech Activities for detail information.

Shiuhpyng Winston Shieh
VP Technical Activities