Technical Activities

Welcome to the Reliability Society Technical Activities webpage!

The Technical Committees (TC), the Standards Committee (SC), the Education Committee (EC), and the Technical Initiatives (TI) form the basis for all IEEE RS Technical Activities. For more details about these activities, please click here.

Technical Committees may include but are limited to, technical areas of reliability, dependability, resilience, trustworthy computing, network security, cybersecurity privacy, integrity, availability, maintainability, testability, diagnostics, prognostics and health management, quality, supportability, human engineering, and system safety. This links to a list of past technical committees

Technical Committees are intended to:

  1. Monitor the technical state-of-the-art in their field, detect the need for new technical developments, and take action to stimulate interest in such development.
  2. Foster closer relationships between this Society and other Societies, Groups, and organizations with common interests.
  3. Generate or coordinate technical material to spread sphere of knowledge and influence in their field of interest, such as:
    • Arrange, through appropriate editors, for publishing pertinent papers in IEEE publications (i.e. Transactions, RS Newsletter, Reliability, etc.),
    • Organize technical conferences, and operate sessions at meetings of IEEE at all levels and at meetings of other organizations.
    • Generate and develop appropriate standards in its field for processing by or through the IEEE Standards Committee.

Lou Gullo
Vice President for Technical Activities