Information for Editors

The technical committee chair is invited to serve as the area editor and handle a special issue for the Reliability every other year. The Reliability is an online peer-reviewed magazine. Unlike transaction papers for technical experts, the Reliability articles are intended to introduce all kinds of reliability technologies for reliability society members at all levels. Here is the information for Area Editors:

Editor Guidelines

The Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Reliability will assign the submission to a specific Area Editor based on the submission’s subject area and the Area Editor’s field of expertise. For each submission that the EIC assigns, the Assistant Editor will send the Area Editors an email requesting that they initiate the review processes of the submission. Please be advised that the Area Editor’s identity will be given to the author after the reviewers are assigned. If the Area Editor decides to administratively reject a submission due to some significant deficiencies, the Area Editor will be required to fill out a review form as an anonymous reviewer.

If one manuscript is recommended major revision, the revision will be assigned to the same Area Editor and it is the Area Editor who would initiate a second/third round review.

Area Editors should notify the authors of paper recommendation, with a copy to the EIC at so that the Assistant Editor can convert the manuscripts into a publishable format with archival quality.

Guidelines for Making Decisions

  1. Accept: The Area Editor accepts the submission no further changes are needed.
  2. Major Revision: The submission will have to go back to the original reviewers for a second round of review. If a major revision is required, we strongly suggest the Area Editor not to make a decision based on his/her own review of the submission. Instead, the reviewers should have a chance to re-review the submission.
  3. Minor Revision: Any revision in length by more than 10% should be a major revision. A submission that is recommended minor revision may not have to go back to the reviewers if the Area Editor thinks that the revision is satisfactory.
  4. Reject: A “Reject” means that the submission is not suitable for publication, and cannot be made so through revision.