Reliability Special Issue - 2015 February

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Special Issue on Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) - Table of Contents:

  1. A Circuit Component Modeling Approach Based on Vehicle Control System Health Simulation
    Zeng Qinghua, Zhao Wei, and Jia Tao
  2. Life Prediction and Classification of Fault-Modes in Solid State Lamps Using Bayesian Probabilistic Models
    Pradeep Lall, Junchao Wei, and Peter Sakalaukus
  3. Data Driven Approach for Drill Bit Monitoring
    Nishchal K. Verma, Rahul K. Sevakula, Sonal Dixit and Al Salour
  4. Fault Diagnostic Opportunities for Solenoid Operated Valves using Physics-of-Failure Analysis
    N. Jordan Jameson, Michael H. Azarian, and Michael Pecht
  5. Fuel Cells Impedance Estimation Using Regression Analysis
    Wlamir Olivares Loesch Vianna, Ivo Paixão de Medeiros, Bernardo Santos Aflalo, Leonardo Ramos Rodrigues, and João Pedro Pinheiro Malère
  6. Challenges and Success in the Implementation of a Fleet Wide PHM for Energy Applications
    Preston Johnson
  7. Fleet-Wide Prognostic and Health Management Suite: Asset Fault Signature Database
    Vivek Agarwal, Nancy J. Lybeck, Randall Bickford and Richard Rusaw