Technical Committees

Welcome to the section of the TA website on Technical Committees. The IEEE RS TCs are shown as follows with their respective chairs and information about each TC.

The IEEE RS TCs with their respective chairs and links to each TC’s websites:

Technical Committee on Systems of Systems

TC Chair: Pierre Dersin, Luleå University of

Technology (LTU) and Eumetry sas


TC Vice Chair: Dragan Komljenovic, Hydroquébec


Systems of Systems (SoS) TC Focus Areas

  • The goals of the SoS TC:

    - To illustrate with use cases the limitations of traditional reliability
       engineering methods when dealing with systems of systems
    - To propose and demonstrate more-appropriate approaches.
  • Two use cases are being handled in parallel:

    - An electric power transmission grid which plays a key role in water
      management. Data provider :Hydro-Québec ( Montréal, CAN)
    - A multi-modal ( rail+road) ground transportation system. Data provider:
      WMATA (Washington, DC)
  • Participants include industry ( Alstom), government (Hydroquébec, WMATA), and academia ( e.g. Vanderbilt University, LTU):

  • A close synergy is being achieved with the Digital Reality Initiative (DRI), which aims in particular at using the concept of hierarchical digital twins in addressing SoS RAMS and asset management:


  • System of Systems (SoS) refers to complex entities characterized by:

  • - Operational and managerial independence
    - Geographical distribution
    - Emergent behavior
    - Evolutionary development
    - Heterogeneity of constituent systems
  • A key aspect of systems of systems is an interconnection between otherwise independent systems:

Systems of Systems Webpage

Technical Committee on Electric Autonomous Vehicles

Co-Chair: W. Eric Wong, the University of Texas at Dallas


Co-Chair: Zijiang (James) Yang, Xian Jiaotong University, China & GuardStrike Inc.


Electric Autonomous Vehicles Webpage

Technical Committee on System and Software Assurance

Chair: W. Eric Wong, the University of Texas at Dallas


System and Software Assurance Webpage

Technical Committee on Trustworthy Computing and Cybersecurity

Chair: Shiuhpyng Shieh, National Chiao Tung University


Trustworthy Computing and Cybersecurity Webpage


Standards Committee (IEEE RS SC)

The active Working Groups (WGs) within the IEEE RS SC are shown with their respective WG Chairs and links to their websites:

IEEE P1413.1 Working Group

Chair: Diganta Das, The University of Maryland


IEEE P1413.1 Working Group Webpage

IEEE P1624 Working Group

Chair: Michael Azarian, University of Maryland


IEEE P1624 Working Group Webpage

IEEE P7009 Working Group

Chair: Kenneth Wallace, IEEE


IEEE P7009 Working Group Webpage

IEEE P2818 Working Group

Chair: Lori Bechtold, Boeing


IEEE P2818 Working Group Webpage

IEEE P1856.1 Working Group

Chair: Rex Sallade


IEEE P1856.1 Working Group Webpage

IEEE P1633 Working Group

Chair: Ann Marie Neufelder


IEEE P1633 Working Group Webpage

IEEE P3106 Working Group

Chair: Yan-Fu Li


IEEE P3106 Working Group Webpage


Education Committee

The IEEE RS Education Committee (EC) with its respective chair and link to its website:

The IEEE RS Education (EC)

Chair: Zhaojun (Steven) Li, Western New England University


The IEEE RS Education Webpage


Technical Initiatives

The IEEE RS Technical Initiatives (TIs) with their respective chairs and links to each TI’s websites:

Internet of Things (IoT) Initiative

TC Chair: Scott Tamashiro, Raytheon Technologies


TC Vice Chair: Yan-Fu Li, Tsinghua University


IoT Initiative Webpage

Internet of Things (IoT) TC Focus Areas:

RS IoT TC focuses on collaboration with the IEEE Communications Society (IEEE
ComSoc) in serving the global technical community in sharing ideas on the
development of reliable and maintainable network sensors and devices that connect to
the internet for streaming data transmissions. The IoT TC’s current primary focus is the
renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the IoT Initiative and the

Definition: Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnection of smart sensors and
other computing devices embedded in everyday objects using a network (such as the
internet) to enable them to automatically send and receive data without requiring human

Future Networks Initiative (FNI)

Chair: Jason Rupe, CableLabs


Future Networks Initiative Webpage

Blockchain Initiative (BCI)

Chair: Angelos Stavrou, Virginia Tech


Blockchain Initiative Webpage

Blockchain Initiative (BCI) TC Focus Areas:

RS involvement on the Blockchain Initiative (BCI) transition to a new IEEE 
Organizational Unit (OU) is to focus on the Design for Reliable Digital Data

Definition: A blockchain is a distributed database or digital data ledger shared on a
computer network, which guarantees the fidelity and security of a record of data to
establish data trustworthiness.

Digital Privacy Initiative (DPI)

Chair: Jason Rupe, CableLabs


Digital Privacy Initiative (DPI) TC Focus Areas:

RS is involved in Digital Privacy technology development ensuring cybersecurity, information assurance
and reliability of personal private information.

Digital Privacy Initiative is focused on the security controls encompassing the digital footprint of a
person throughout their lifetime exposure to on-line products and services, which organizations develop
to establish customer trust and protect personal confidential and sensitive information ensuring they
uphold the individual consumers' privacy rights, and avoiding or minimizing exposures to data
compromises which may be exploited by external threats.

Definition: Digital privacy is the protection of an individual's personal sensitive information that is
created using a computer or personal device while connected to the Internet, and stored on the internet.


Home - IEEE Digital Privacy

Digital Reality Initiative (DRI)

DRI Chair: Pierre Dersin, Luleå University of

Technology (LTU) and Eumetry sas


Digital Reality Initiative (DRI) Focus Areas:

  • The DRI focuses on all aspects of digital transformation, as the line

    between the physical world and the digital world becomes increasingly blurred,

  • Tech Focus topics include AI/ML, AR, VR, XR; Digital Twins (incl. Cognitive,

    Personal DT); and Massive Distributed Intelligence.

  • DRI produces e-books and webinars, such as the recent one on digital twins,

    and podcasts with corporate partners such as Microsoft and Lockheed-Martin.

  • DRI is active in standardization and organizes the ICIR – IEEE Conference on,

    Intelligent Reality.

Latest News - DRI has launched:

  • Digital Reality Exchange (DRX): A marketplace connecting Digital

    Transformation project owners to the partners and resources they need to be


  • Knowledge as a Service (KaaS): Application leveraging massive ontology,

    sample knowledge tree and digital twin representation for mapping personal

    learning pathways through expert IEEE content.