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Vol. 61, No. 3, August 2015

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President's Message

Dear Reliability Society Member,

In my previous newsletter message, I explained the process of the on-going Reliability Society (RS) five-year review. As planned, on June 18, our Senior Past President Dr. Jeff Voas and I met with the IEEE Society Review Committee (SRC) in New Brunswick, NJ and we went through the 36 page review document prepared by the RS officers under the leadership of Dr. Voas.

I have to give kudos to the members of the SRC for the rigor and professionalism that was exhibited by the committee during this meeting. Because this document is considered confidential, I cannot report on any specific items that were discussed until it is completed and I officially receive it. However, I will say that each member came very well prepared with a list of specific questions from the section of the review document that the member had been assigned, and I am grateful for the many constructive suggestions that we received from the SRC during this process.

As I had hoped, the review has been an effective tool for continuous improvement, and we are now in a much better position to move the society forward over the next decade. I also want to give sincere thanks to the officers of the ExCom, members of the AdCom and others who contributed to a very well prepared review document.

Subsequent to the society review, the RS ExCom and AdCom met this month in Vancouver, BC following the conclusion of the RS sponsored IEEE QRS (Quality, Reliability and Security) conference. At this meeting, we again revisited the six strategic goals that were submitted as part of the society review document:

Goal # 1: Increase member awareness of the society and its benefits

Goal # 2: Expand dissemination of technical material to members

Goal # 3: Expand focus on reliability of emerging technologies

Goal # 4: Increase membership participation, globally

Goal # 5: Extend collaboration with other IEEE Societies and Technical Communities

Goal # 6: Increase Annual Non-Investment Revenue

There are a number of exciting new projects and initiatives in which the RS plans to invest over the next few years and we will share more insight on these plans over the next several issues of this newsletter. As we make decisions to invest in the future of the RS, we will keep these six strategic goals in mind, goals which first and foremost are about bringing value to our members.

Christian K. Hansen, PhD
2015 Reliability Society President



From the Editor

This is the third edition of the 2015 IEEE Reliability Society Newsletter!

Christian noted several important accomplishments that have occurred in the Society leadership since the last edition.  I would like to point out that these things don’t just “happen”.  There are many talented engineers who serve in these committees and teams that spend time – a very valuable commodity – and effort to make things work as well as they do.  A while back we were looking for candidates for Administrative Committee members.  I am always heartened by the enthusiastic response we receive – The Society will have an impressive slate of members for you to select!

Speaking of a call to serve, you will find a note asking for individuals to volunteer to perform as our Editor in Chief of the venerable “Transactions in Reliability (T-REL).”  This is an extremely important position in our community, so read the article, and if you are capable and interested, please give this idea some serious thought.  Any time I need to research a “Specialty Engineering” related subject, this is the first place I go.
We’ve included a recap of the QRS – a new combination of the SERE (Software and Reliability) and QSIC (Quality Software).  You will find a summary of events at the conference, and my favorite part of any newsletter – pictures!

Just a reminder:  The International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) will occur in Berlin next month.

Two of the RS Chapters – Boston and Dallas – covered their actions and events since the last edition. There is lots of activity in those places... to the benefit of their members!

Speaking of Chapters, we are proud to announce the winners of the prestigious Chapter Awards for 2014.  A special congratulations to Dallas (first place), Taipei/Taiwan (second place), and Boston (third place).  I know the effort that your leadership expended to reach these honors!... Oh yeah... and there's more pictures!!!

Joe Childs
2015 Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

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