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Update by Vince Lalli, Chapter Chair



The Fourth Annual Bob Jones Classic was played at Dorlon Golf Club.  The tournament is played annually in honor of Bob Jones, who was Chief of the Maintenance Branch.  Bob was a highly, respected member of the Club who died very suddenly. This year's "Classic" was won by Lon Moore who beat last year's champion, Tom Jones (Bob's oldest son) by one stroke. The windy conditions made the round a bit of a challenge for the trophy competition. Bob always enjoyed a Budweiser and popcorn after a round.  This tradition is maintained along with pre-round Bratwurst, and post round hamburgers and hot dogs. We thank Dennis Vano for a great outing!

The Fall Roast was in September. It was held at the Picnic Grounds. Ernie Bertone and Jimmy Simek took care of the logistics. The steaks and fish were excellent again this year. There are a few changes in the Officers and Committee Chairs for this year. Please volunteer to help keep this chapter active. We need your help. Try to bring new members to the meetings so they can enjoy the benefits this club offers. It was a great roast with a lot of news; fun, networking, and good cooking for a delicious meal.

The November meeting was a look at Egyptian Culture. Joe Morris highlighted experiences from his recent trip to Cairo Egypt. He explained what it was like to walk the streets and meet the people in this very different culture. He went with his son for some training as an engineer working for an Egyptian Company. Some different methods where used to design their equipment and structures. Funding  is scarce. It is still the same today. It was a good meeting. The food was great. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for activities or meetings. We will make every effort to act on them. We are planning something special for our June meeting. The chapter will be 50 years old.



We are supporting meetings and conferences on the Management Committee, with papers, tutorials, and session Chairs and suggestion topics. The Chapter Staff are all working to build our membership. Our golf outing, social events, and technical meetings are working to keep the members active. Each member is trying to bring an associate to meeting when they can.

Two Conference will be held at the Ohio Aerospace Institute in June and September 2010. There will be presentations, exhibits, training, and splinter meetings in the three and one half day activities. Award for the best presentation is given.  These activities provide the Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) community and Project personnel with a unique opportunity for interchange and interaction on innovative assurance technologies and tools. It promotes dialog and co-operation with the Project Managers, Contractors, and Safety and Mission Assurance Managers. .    

Overall, here in Cleveland we are having fun, staying active, and serving the needs of our members.