About RS

IEEE Reliability Society - Field of Interest

The following describes our Society – its goals, its practices, and how it promotes the sharing of reliability-related technologies and practices throughout the world.

Our Field of Interest

The Society is concerned with the strategies and the best practices for attaining, assessing, assuring, and sustaining system reliability throughout its life cycle.

Our Vision

To be the recognized leader for the broad aspects of reliability

Our Mission

Promote recognition of the reliability profession, develop and disseminate reliability best practices, and be a resource for collaboration among reliability professionals

Our Purpose

To be the organization of choice to bring reliability professionals together by providing value-added benefits, technically and professionally.

What IS the IEEE Reliability Society?

IEEE is the world's largest technical association, with publications, conferences, and technical communities on a world-wide scale. The Reliability Society consists of anyone that has an interest in making “things” reliable. These are members of industry, government, and academia that perform research, development, and implementation of cutting-edge techniques to improve the life of systems and products. This involves many disciplines...


How can YOU participate in the RS?

  • First step is to JOIN IEEE and the Society
  • The RS has conferences, chapter meetings, officer participation, magazines and transactions, as well as “IEEE Xplore” which is a database of 3,000,000 articles and papers from all over the world.
  • In keeping with its goals to support its members, the Society is involved in multiple state of the art technical areas and is continuously searching for ways to improve training, insights, and success pathways.


Where Are We Involved?

Our world is ever-changing quickly, and more than the traditional reliability know-how and skills will be needed for the next “Big Thing”! The RS is involved in many technical fields that tie to reliability, availability, dependability, security, and trust. This skill-set keeps growing, based on technology changes – both in needs and in capabilities.

So the RS is a dynamic organization, adjusting to new needs and abilities by involvement in areas that interact with the realm of reliability. At the RS web site (https://rs.ieee.org), the “Technical Activities” tab has a link to committees directly involved in some of these areas:

  • Big Data
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Prognostic and Health Management (PHM)
  • System and Software Assurance
  • Trustworthy Computing and Cybersecurity, Cyber-System resilience
  • Reliability Science for Advanced Materials and Devices
  • System of Systems
  • Power and Energy, including SmartGrid
  • Electronic and Computer System Reliability

The common thread among these is Reliability as one of their key characteristics. To support these efforts, the Reliability Profession must continually be refreshed. For instance, “PHM” requires expertise of electronics, networks, sensors, PoF, statistics, and machine learning. This does not mean having expertise in all these disciplines. However, it DOES mean having the resources to ask, learn, and research them. The RS provides those opportunities to meet these needs!


Reliability Resources

  • The Reliability Society provides an extensive array of conferences, references, and teaching methods to provide those resources. Examples of those resources:
  • The IEEE Transactions on Reliability, the premier reliability source of papers and articles on reliability.
  • Access to the IEEE Xplore for reliability related literature and papers
  • Journals and magazines: “Security and Privacy” and “Journal of Photovoltaics”.
  • Conferences: Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS), International Prognostics and Health Management (PHM), International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), and Symposium on Software and Reliability Engineering Workshops (ISSREW). These are N. America-based conferences. There are nearly as many located in Asia and Europe, too!
  • The IEEE Reliability Society Newsletter, reporting the latest RS and chapter activities. It’s special issues providing peer-reviewed articles on security and reliability aspects of science and engineering, technology, and applications.
  • The Distinguished Lecturer Series – RS subject-matter experts travel to our chapters to discuss special topics.
  • Participation in the creation and updates of IEEE Standards related to reliability subjects
  • The opportunity to join RS Chapters. There are over 25 active chapters in the US and throughout the world. Like-minded engineers present, discuss and demonstrate new ideas, technologies, and best practices



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