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Cleveland Chapter
Vince Lalli, Chair


The Cleveland Chapter had four meetings in this period.


The January meeting was on the "Healthy Heart for You." Marietta Joyce, R. N. and Valerie Graybowski, R. N. Southwest General Health Center, explained heart disease- what is our risk? They described what a heart attack is, what causes heart attack? How can we recover? How to avoid a heart attack? How can we learn more? What are the warning signs of heart attack and stroke? Do you have questions or comments for your doctor or nurse? They brought hand outs for us to take with us and review. It was a great meeting. The food was good. Thanks Jimmy for arranging this excellent training meeting.

The March meeting was on Ohio DOT Snow and Ice Training. Howard Huebner, Roadway Services Manager, gave the training. He covered many interesting subjects in the course. Here are a few examples: Snow and ice control has the single largest impact to our maintenance budget. Winter road maintenance accounts for 20 % of our maintenance budget. We need o watch tires on passing vehicles. If slush fans out like water material are still working. Snow thrown directly back off of tires, it is time to plow and salt.  Snow and ice control is our signature event for Ohio drivers. It is a big business state wide using 3,000 people, 1700 trucks, and cost $76.6 million in 2009.This was very good training for the group, safe driving, good fellowship, and great food made it a fun event.

The April meeting was on The History of Satellites. Scott Marabito talked about the satellite research work done at NASA GRC and other places. Companies around the world contributed to the discovery of the wireless industry. Starting with Sputnik I he went to TAT-8 showing how the industry grew to where it is today. He made a very important point that a dumpster contractor is needed. Space is getting crowded with non operating equipment that needs to be removed. He showed 8 videos to make his points clear. We need to work on making planet earth a great home for future generations. The food was great.

The Spring Roast, Election of Officers, was in June this year. It was a special event celebrating our 50th Anniversary. The Picnic Grounds were packed. Many long time members gave short speeches on the good things the Chapter has done for them. Ernie Bartone and Jimmy Simek took care of the logistics. The steaks and fish were excellent again this year. There are a few changes in the Officers and Committee Chairs for next year. Please try to bring new members into the Chapter so we can continue to serve our members and have fun doing it. It was a great roast with a lot of news; fun, and good cooking for a delicious meal. See you in the fall. Our next meeting will be in September.



We are supporting meetings and conferences on the Management Committees, with papers, tutorials, and session Chairs and suggested topics. The Chapter Staff are all working to build our membership. Our golf outing, social events, and technical meetings are working to keep the members active. Each member is trying to bring an associate to activities when they can.

The STEP Conference was held at the Ohio Aerospace Institute in 2009. There where presentations, exhibits, training, and splinter meetings in the three and one half day activities. Award for the technical excellence and I&M Transactions were received.  These activities provide the Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) community and Project personnel with a unique opportunity for interchange and interaction on innovative assurance technologies and tools. It promotes dialog and co-operation with the Project Managers, Contractors, and Safety and Mission Assurance Managers. .    

Overall, here in Cleveland we are having fun, staying active, and serving the needs of our members.




Vince Lalli,