Author Guidelines




Author Guidelines

This is the instruction for authors who would like to submit their papers to IEEE Reliability.

Submission Instructions

Authors should send their papers to with supplementary files.

Manuscript Types

Regular manuscripts fit within the scope of the magazine but are not submitted for a special issue.

Special issue manuscripts cover a specific topic scheduled on our editorial calendar. Please select the appropriate issue (manuscript type) when uploading your manuscript.

For more information and to see upcoming special issue topics, see our Editorial Calendar.

Typing Specifications

The manuscript should be written in Times New Roman in a double-column format. The typical length of the submitted manuscript is 4 single-spaced pages. The text portion of the manuscript should be in 10-point font and the title should be in 24-point font, bold. For more details, please refer to the template.

Manuscript Length

The typical length of the submitted paper is 4 pages, including text, bibliography, and author biographies. Please note that proper citation is required.


The illustrations in the articles must be cited in the text and numbered sequentially. Captions that identify and briefly describe the subject is needed as well. In order to avoid dense and hard-to-read illustrations, graphs should show only the coordinate axes, or at most the major grid lines. Line drawings should be clear. To prevent potential layout problems from happening, related figures described within the same section of text should be grouped together as parts (a), (b), and so on.


All manuscript pages, footnotes, equations, and references should be labeled in consecutive numerical order they are mentioned in the text. Figures and tables should be cited in text in numerical order.

Biographical Sketch

A brief biographical sketch should contain the full title of the paper and complete names, affiliations, addresses, and electronic mail addresses of all authors. The corresponding author should be indicated.

Please provide a short biography and a picture for each author of your paper at the end of your paper.

The short biography should contain no more than 150 words.



IEEE Reliability Society owns the copyrights of the articles published in Reliability. If you wish to reproduce the copyrighted materials, please contact us and seek the permissions. The contents on this website can be referenced with proper citation.

Special Issue Proposal Submissions

For a special issue in Reliability, experts are welcome to serve as our guest editors. To know more information, please contact Editor-in-Chief on Reliability, Pierre Dersin: